A Brooklyn based singer/song-writer, Marco is an artist creating and sharing his indi-pop sound from his love of jazz, rock and pop. Often his own band, he plays piano, guitar, bass, drums and trombone when developing sounds and producing his records.


Hairport '75

Recording produced by Marco Varisco
Cover designed by Caroline Bruns
Photographed by Stephanie Oberle
Mastered by James Catapano
Recorded at Bath Beach Studios and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU


“You don’t need a fancy recording studio, and some hotshot record label to make great music anymore…we never did!”

      I was 10 years old when I started recording music.  I didn’t even have a microphone.  I used two cheap digital cameras I found at home: one to record the first musical part, then the other to record another musical part layered over.  I’d do this multiple times till I’ve recorded a full band: quite the evil genius.

    My whole world changed when I got my first laptop with GarageBand '09.  I just kept on recording, spending hours in my basement writing dummy pop songs and recording them with a USB mic.  I spent years of natural trial and error, learning how to produce a song: how to get the best out of low budget equipment.  Even now that I go to school for music production with all these great recourses, I find that recording music with Lo-Fi equipment has a pretty cool vibe to it.  So to this day, I still spend hours in my basement, writing slightly less dummy pop songs and recording them, and they’re sounding better than ever. 


As you may have guessed already, I’m a proud New Yorker.  My beginnings in the arts came from local Brooklyn community theaters and small music shops, where I met people who shared the same interests and passions as me.  Now, I’m calling on local musicians in the Brooklyn area to shoot me an email, and message me on Facebook.  I’ll invite you over to Bath Beach Records (my personal home recording studio), where we can write a song, record a demo, plan a performance, it’s up to you.  Most producers will charge you a fortune for this kind of service.  I will negotiate an affordable price based on the nature of the project.  I’m looking to give back to my community, by giving into it. 

Need live music for an upcoming special event?  I'm an experienced performer that's opened for a number of top-act headliners, as well as played nightly casual bar sets with a wide range of musical genres.  Checkout my Youtube channel to find previous performances and see for yourself.  Then contact me if you are interested.  




Native of BROOKLYN, New York

Currently studying at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music,

Tisch School of the Arts at

New York University

Jamming out at Bath Beach Records

stay tuned for Marco's performance schedule...

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I've always been a firm believer in positive feedback, so tell me what YOU think!!  If you've recently listen to my music or saw my performance, contact me below and write what you liked OR what you wish you heard more of.